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Hi You! Thanks so much for visiting our website, we're thrilled to have you here!
So what's brought you to the G.Rox Brow Academy?
 Are you looking for a new career with the potential to earn over $10k per month?
Are you looking for a part-time side hustle to top up the household income?
Are you an existing Brow Artist wanting to up-skill and become known as the best?
Or your brand spankin' new to the industry and want to start with a bang?

Whatever reason you're here, we'd love to get you on way your to becoming an incredible

Brow Artist with an income to match. 


G.Rox Brow Academy is proud to be one of Australia's ORIGINAL Brow Academys.

No experience? No PROBLEM! Founder Kelly Innes had zero beauty experience when she started her Brow Bar Gingerella Rox in 2015, and has now built a 7 figure business solely on EYEBROWS!
And she'd like to teach you how to do it too.


Throughout a G.Rox Brow Academy Course - we teach you not only the knowledge and skills necessary to become a great Brow Artist, but we empower you with the confidence and after-support

necessary to help build an incredible business.

Kelly and her team will teach you how to build your portfolio from scratch and  how to build a huge following of tribe members who will consistently come back to you every 6-18 months, providing recurring income without the need for continuously needing to market to and find new clients. 
With a combined social media following of over 100k Kelly will teach you how to launch your business with a bang and create income immediately. 

Each of Kelly's Gingerella Rox employees have been personally trained from scratch and mentored by Kelly, and experience their own wait-lists of up to 4 months.

So what do you reckon? Are you ready to become the very best version of yourself?

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