All of the G.Rox Brow Academy Tattoo Courses are also able to be taught on a 1:1 basis with Kelly Innes within Gingerella Rox, Joondalup. The course outline is the exact same, but you get the dedicated attention of Kelly throughout. 

A 1:1 course is perfect for anybody who is serious about getting into the industry with a bang and we can tailor a course around your specific requirements; whether that be extra time spent perfecting strokes, or more time asking questions about the behind the scenes of running a successful Brow business.

To enquire about training 1:1 with Kelly please email groxbrows@gmail.com to discuss dates and prices.


Are you already qualified in Cosmetic Tattooing, Microblading/ Feather Touch, Ombre Brows etc but still haven't mastered the technique? Are you needing some guidance on to perfect your strokes or how to get great pigment retention? Maybe your confidence isn't that great, or you feel that times are changing and you want to master how people are doing brows now! In the brow industry it is constantly evolving, so it pays to keep your skills super sharp! Mentorship Days with Kelly give you the confidence and skills you need to perfect your brow game! Some of our students are already qualified but just love the way that Gingerella Rox do Feather Touch, Ombre Brows etc and want to upskill and learn their technique instead. Kelly absolutely LOVES helping other Artists perfect their brow work and empowering people to give them the confidence they need to go out into the world and create beautiful brows! She shares with you all her knowledge, tips and tricks not only for brows, but for business too!

The day begins with Kelly having a look over your tools to see if there is anything in that, that may be affecting how you do your brows. Then she will get onto teaching you the way that G.Rox specifically do their brow work. Then dependent on if you've chosen a full or half day, you will have 1 or 2 models that Kelly will work with you (as a team) to perfect your skills. Mentorship Days are done one on one with Kelly within Gingerella Rox Brow Bar in Joondalup. Half day 9-1pm $750, full day $1400. email groxbrows@gmail.com.

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